Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Thank you for responding to the call.

Julie and I spent the last couple days in the City with Bekah working on our travel visa's, and Bekah on her passport renewal.  We also had appointments with the back Dr.   I had pulled a tendon in my leg while the first team was here, then from walking on it I managed to put my back out of line so needed an adjustment to get me up and around again.   

Bekah was telling me about her trip to the Canadian Consulate   Office .. she was telling me how it was in a sketchy area in a basement apartment , when I teased her a bit , she showed me the photo .. VERY IMPRESSIVE  

Any ways back at the farm the work is continuing.  They have finished the new front gate and wall, tomorrow we will put the old wall back up along the side of  the house that Aigula is in.   It will take a couple warm days for the cement to dry, then we will paint the barn inside and out.  On a side note, the egg production has almost doubled since we got the chickens into the new pens, so they must be happy.

Today we picked up the spring clothes for one of the orphanages we have been asked to help out at.  We have a young guy at the bazaar that I can just bring a list to and he does all the running around and |ALWAYS comes back with the best quality at the cheapest price .. this time he even made two trips to the big bazaar in Bishkek to do the shopping .. We are so impressed with the quality and how well organised he is .. He sure makes our job easier. 

Some really great news.  Yesterday I posted some needs on line here and  several of you responded .  We are about half way there in just one day. That is so great because we have been able to get started on some of those needs right away. Today we contacted the Dr's at the Jal Children's hospital, and Tomorrow Emma and Jengish will bring Nurlan in to the Dr there.  He needs a lot of work on his teeth, but with the Cleft Pallet, it can be complicated , so we needed the Dr's help.  Because of your support, we can do that now.

We have started the weeping bed for the girls home and although the ties are not in yet, we have been able to get the toilet working again.  I am hoping that tomorrow we will be able to get our newest boy set up with the clothes and bedding he needs. and I will be picking up the supplies needed to fix the banya .  

The work shop Door is finished now and the locks are on. Tomorrow Beksultan will weld the bars for the window, and we will build the work bench.. That way the back of my car will not have to house all the tools.  

I bought about 800 cabbages and about 500 onions today , they will be planted in the rows in the orchard.  then tomorrow we will seed the clover and that section of the garden will be planted and good for years to come .  cabbages and onions this year, the clover will be ready for the ducks and geese by the fall and the roses will be ready to sell by next summer and in a couple years the apples will be ready .  

When we were in the city today I picked up everything I need to make English style fish and chips, so tomorrow will be a culinary experience for the kids on the farm. And Julie will start Russian  class for the the next two months. 

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