Sunday, April 05, 2015

Spring has returned , what a beautiful Easter Morning here in Kyrgyzstan

Spring has returned to the valley.  It was a beautiful day here today .. the sun is shining , the birds are singing, and lots of people and animals are out on the streets today enjoying the weather.   Happy Easter to all our family and friends back in North America. It seems a little funny , Easter will not be for a week or to here. 

Out at the farm today to plant fruit trees , bring more building materials and check on the animals . 

Bakal and the bunnies are fast friends and were having a little visit 

It was a beautiful clear day today and you could see the mountains so clearly across the back garden.
 Everyone was very encouraged today when I shared about what a great day we had yesterday with the food shares . We are now up to 22 food shares sold in the last week , and we just have 28 to go to meet our target of 50 shares sold the month of April.  To get your share , or to read more about the food share program, check out this link  

Jengishes family came and brought with them 30 plum trees from Talas. 

This is the other farm a little closer up .. thats Jengish and Emma in the field with the boy who lives there now  This field will have about eight rows of popcorn around the out side , then the center will have tomatoes , peppers and onions . along the side of the house there is a raspberry patch , and a nice size kitchen garden that we will likely use as an herb garden.   

While we were at the farm, I got a message from our friends at the rehab center.  They have a lady there that they have been trying to work with.  Now her daughter who is also an alcoholic is in trouble. Her husband was just killed, and she is at er bottom and would also like to come to the center.  The problem is that they don't have the resources for this and would like some help .  I still have some food left in the garage, so they will come into town today or tomorrow for some food.  I will cost them about $50 a month each to look after these ladies.  Thats the same as what we find it costs to look after the kids we work with .  They have asked if I could post this need on the blog and see if anyone out there would like to help these ladies turn their lives around.

The sky was so clear that the mountains felt like they were sliding down into the valley .  
the roof is taking shape,

This is the view of the new barn from the new farm field 

There was one other big need that was brought to our attention today .  Friends of Sergey and Anya and their family are building a new childrens center.  It is made from the shipping containers that Sergey has been receiving from Norway over that last few years .   They are ready to put in the windows now, but are short on funds for that.  There are eight large windows that they need to put in.  They will be about $1000 US in total.  This group has been such a blessing to so may, and this is important to them.. so that makes it important to us.  What a great thing it would be if we were able to help them with this need .  

Kids in front of the Childrens  center 

the center is made out of 5 containers 

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