Sunday, April 19, 2015

Change of plans

Today started with a twist .  Emma and Jengish were on their way to the farm with Jengishes brothers when they came across two ladies with impaired judgement and the strong smell of alcohol.  They had a little toddler with them , and were asking for money for some food and transportation out of town.  The shared how they thought that the child's parents were not fit so they stroll the toddler.  

Since they had no idea where they stole  the child from, they convinced the ladies that they should take the child to the hospital to make sure it was healthy.  The ladies agreed.  On the way we contacted the police and social services.   The regular police came, two social workers and then three detectives came .  They were able to get the documents that would allow the Baby hospital to take custody of the child until this was all sorted out.   

Right from the start Emma was able to get a hold of the baby from the two ladies, and she just hung on tight until everything was over.  Several times the ladies wanted to take the child and go before the authorities could get there, but Emma just smiled and hung on.  Jengish stood watch ..  
In the end the baby was admitted to the hospital. She was given some food and a drink. While Emma and Julie helped the nurse get her all cleaned up, Bekah and I went to the bazaar and got some new cloths, diapers and shoes , and of coarse a banana.  Emma opened up the banana for her and give it to her .  It was so cute. she sat there and licked it at first as if it was an ice cream cone.   

Its now 2:00 and everything is under control and we have headed home.  There was a lovely young nurse that took over her care from Emma .  I was concerned that after all this she would be hard to put down, but she happily went off with the nurse, stopping to smile and wave good bye to Emma .. God was gracious to have us depart with out tears.

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Trish Begley said...

God's timing - right place, right time. Awesome.