Monday, April 13, 2015

planting the fields today, and update from the baby orphanage

Today they are out working on the fields getting them ready to plant. In a couple hours we will start loading the trucks with the seed and go out to meet the seeder.   Nurbek is helping today to get the rocks out of the way. 

At the farm, they are almost finished the siding. we are hoping to start putting in the stalls and the fences tomorrow . 

Over at the Baby house they are working on some foundations and putting up a new brick fence at the back of the grounds behind the playground .  I had posted about the need they had here a couple days ago.  We needed a load of sand and a load of Gravel $50 each.  It is amazing how things worked out .  I had a donation come in for $25 and was waiting for the rest. Today, someone here donated a load of sand, and someone else gave a really good deal on the gravel. so the total we needed was only $31 of which $25 has come in already .  

forms are up , ready to pour more foundation for the fence.

this half is finished 
sand delivered and gravel on the way. 
Thank you again to every one that has had a part in the many projects that we have had on the go here, we could not do it with out you . 

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