Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fences going up and planting at the farm

Off to a slower start today .  It rained all night so we decided to sleep in and start at 10:am.  Our first stop was to the bazaar to get sawdust for the goat stall. Next was a visit to to nursery section to pick up plants for the garden food shares.  Today we bought 250 early cabbages, 150 late cabbages, 100 broccoli plants, about 500 Spanish onions and  100 lbs of seed potatoes  

we went to this Dungan lady on the corner and bought everything she had 

We then stopped out to check on the field in Rotfront.  it was being plowed yesterday while we were seeding the field near Tokmok 

we started the fencing today. The goat pen will be about 7 feet tall and the rest of the fencing around the garden will be 4 feet tall.  

in the barn, we were able to get the flors cleaned, and a coat of paint on the floor at the end where the office /  meeting room will be 
the rest of the floor we put on a wood sealant .
the goats like their new homes, but were very curious about what we were doing 

cabbages planted around the fruit trees 

the fence polls are just set in place to mark so we knew where to plant, tomorrow the fence will go up 

 Tomorrow we will have an early start to the day , we have two kids that have contacted us looking for work, so we will certainly put them to work.  We are so blessed that so many of you have joined us by purchasing some shares from the farm .  This has allowed us to keep things rolling and not miss a beet.  We still would like to sell another 25 shares at $60 before the end of the month so that we will have funds in place for the workers over the summer.  There are kids finishing school and out of the orphanage soon that will be needing to figure them selves out .  Fortunately we have room for them now. 

The last couple days , Kamalla has been busy, so Julie and our friend Kolya have been covering for her at the homework club at Bacute orphanage, and will continue to  go there for the rest of the week.   They had one girl there that really wanted to have English lessons.   Julie posted the need on FB and in just a few hours she had a sponsor to help cover her lessons.  Once again we feel blessed to have the support network out there of people like you who join with us in this journey. 

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