Thursday, March 19, 2015

So much has happened the last couple days .. I will tell you half today and the rest tomorrow.

We have had a very busy week.  We have a few days before the foundation has dried and the blocks are ready , so we have been getting as much done as we can.  Here is a little photo journal of the week.

a quick photo shot in the parking lot in front of the apartment 

Emma and Jengish in the new green house at the farm. starters in the trays and lettuce and cucumbers hanging on the wall

Emma and her chickens ducks and geese 

The green house .  This is a test to see how the green house works out before we build a bigger one .. next year LOOK OUT.

Momma goose siting on about 20 eggs 

There is a single mom we have been trying to help.  She is very ill, and someone convinced her to stop taking treatment for her TB and take this home made grease mixture.  They are charging her almost $100 , and may have very well killed her since she stopped her regular treatment, and now is not expected to live.

Julie will not let me say what I want to do about this so I will defer to your imagination 

Dr Tatyana convincing the patient to get real treatment, then getting her into the hospital. where we have been helping with her expenses. but it looks like it is too late for her so it is now keep her comfortable , and advocate for her children so that they do not have their apartment taken from them by greedy relatives 

Not all Hospital news is bad news .  We where at the Baby hospital today, The exam room is almost finished , By this time next week it will be in full use.

Emma and Jengish with one of Emma's paintings in the waiting room 

Dr Anara ( the Baby hospital Director ) coming to tell us the great news.  She has found local sponsors to put up the walls on the next faze .. procedure room , washrooms, a sterilizing room and a furnace room. .  We will still need a sponsor for the roof over the entire thing.. about $2000 is someone is interested in helping us raise these funds. 

We brought more formula for this little cutie.    Abandoned by its family, but thriving with its wonderful care. 

 We stopped at the Bazaar to pick up 80 pairs of shoes for another orphange. We have a guy at the bazaar that I just give the list to and he does all the shopping .  He got us top quality shoes at a wonderful  deal  almost 1/2 price

Back out at the farm today, Julie snapped this picture of me watering the trays in the green house.

If you notice on the ground  under the bottom shelf, there are 5 new rabbit cages this week we actually built 12 new cages, and all the nesting mothers are now in their own cages with hutches. 
 That just leaves us about a dozen free range rabbits waiting for their new cages. I love how friendly they are.  As soon as we come into the room they come right over for a visit .. and a tasty carrot.

This one is for My Mom. , Bunt is doing great 

Jengish is up on the roof of the green house stapling down the last little bit 

Bekah with our little house cat. 

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