Monday, March 23, 2015

Lets talk about food shares again.

The farm is a place where youth can learn life skills they need to begin life on their own after leaving the orphanage, or coming off the street.   It is a place where recovering guys or homeless can come to get a second start at life after they come out of rehab.   The farm is a place were we will be growing market crops for institutions, children's homes, shelters, the seniors home and families and students food hampers.

Just a reminder how it works.  We have 100 shares available at $60 / share.  When you purchase a share, you tell us where you would like your share to go.  For a list of places you can donate your share to, go to this link FOOD SHARES FROM THE FARM   and scroll down. 

ready for a hard working summer 

The boys are hard at work preparing the bed for strawberries 

a few thousand seeds planted already 

starting the renovations on the room that will be the bunk room for workers 
The food shares will be used for plowing , planting and the care of the crops.  It will also cover food and a small salary for the guys.  From this we also cover the food and basic living expenses for those living there.

We are now entering into the most expensive time for the farm, and we have about 25% of the shares sold.  We need to sell another 50 shares to get us threw the next few months.  

Please consider purchasing a share now, as well as sharing this great opportunity to help so many with others.  Share this link, tell a friend, ask family members to be a part of the blessing.  Our goal is to sell 50 shares in the next month.

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