Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hope in Life & and Dignity in Death

This is a difficult post as we say good bye for now to a good friend.  Jamal was rescued off of the streets almost 10 years ago by Jengish.
Jamal restored 
 He was taken to the rehab center where he became a fixture.  After a radical change in his life, He became a friend , mentor for the others in the program.  He had a great work ethic and was one that could be counted on to do a task well and with integrity.  His final responsibility for the last couple of years was looking after he chicken project we started in the center.   He was a poet in his spare time, and through this it was evident that he was a deep thinker and would challenge others to consider the truths of life.  He was a good loving gentle man. I was looking for a specific picture but could not find it, maybe it is a picture that only exists in my mind.It is one of Jamal in our living room, sitting quietly sipping on a tea with his legs crossed looking out the window with complete contentment.  Jamal had worked at the center for about 5 years at this time, and Jengish knew he was ready for a holiday , I was here on my own at the time so he came and stayed the weekend with me .  He had such peace and contentment, I kept thinking that I needed to entertain him, but he was so happy to just sit, relax and enjoy his time of peace. He said that he was at peace with  life and was was happy to just sip his tea and think about all that God has done for him over the last 5 years .  

About 6 months ago he was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus and was not able to work.  Jengish continued to help him through this time.  The last couple months they brought him closer and He came to live at the farm.   We have said all along that the farm would be a place of transition to a better life, Not exactly what we had in mind, but we are blessed that we could be there for him. Asylbek at the farm had spent time learning from Jamal in years past, and he too had great respect for Jamal, and he worked hard to bring dignity to his life in his time with us.     

2 weeks ago he went to the hospital for more treatment, but was not strong enough to recover.  He said at the time that he was at peace, and was ready to go.    He died not alone, but knowing that he was part of a family. he passed with Dignity .  

Jamal with iam1ru mascot Phil Anthropist
the day  Possibilities International bought shoes for all the men
 (one of the PI tag lines is "restoring Hope and Dignity to the hurting helpless and lost") 

with us the day that we went out to celebrate Baskys recovery from his brain cancer.

At the chicken farm with all his ladies ..

a moment to relax and try cotton candy with his friends at the center 

Today a group of Jamals friends came together to assist with the burial.  All the preliminary things have been taken care of, and now they are having tea and reminiscing.  It is so good for Jamals son here in green to hear some stories of the Life of the new Jamal.  In half an hour they will go back to the cemetery. 

Next Saturday March 21st  we will be having a memorial luncheon for him out at the farm, all are welcome.  

Any donations in his memory will be used toward the funeral expenses and medical bills.  As well Jengish  would really  like to be able to bless his son's family. They have just had a new baby.     

Proverbs tell us that "A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children "  Jamal was a good person, I can't think of a much better way to honour him.   

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