Monday, March 09, 2015

a couple relaxing days

We had such a great time with the team from Ohio.  They were such a blessing every where they went  They made it off with out a hitch on Saturday morning.  We had a little nap after they left, then went for a nice relaxing visit with Acel and her family.  

Sunday we slept in, then took a friend visiting to the bazaar to get a few things.  There is a new baby at the baby hospital , and since we were out of town, we had her bring formula over.  While she was there she met a little boy who was at the hospital with out parents.   So Sunday we went to the bazaar to get him needed shoes and an outfit .  

Our friend decided it would be good to get new shoes for the kids at Bacute as well.  Kamala was there so she knew exactly what each one of the kids would like, so they all got specialized shoes. 

 The kids were all so very happy with the new shoes.. Thank you so much Brigette. 

This morning we began our day with a trip to the Bazzar to pick up a washing machine with money that came from the WM at NPC.  also with another donation from friends in Canada we picked up the material to build 7 more rabbit cages with hutches.

this washing machine is perfect for the farm.  It does not require running water , and we can still get in at the clothes if the power goes out .

the cages worked out great .. it was nice to have an audience the whole time , two dogs, two puppies, three goats, one cat and a few bunnies watching from the window.

very happy with a cool new crimping tool brought from Canada that does a great job at connecting the wire on the cages.

you can see the finished connections on the right of the crimper 

first cage completed 

stopped for a quick lunch at the farm 

we managed to finish 3 cages today 

the foundation is coming along great.  The barn will be 15 feet x 45 feet, and will have three sections in it for rabbits, cows and goats, as well as a full loft for hay.  . We also ordered 1000 cement blocks today for the lower level of the barn.
Julie spent the day doing laundry, cleaning and dishes as well as getting unpacked and organized from our arrival last week.
Tomorrow morning we will be delivering more food packages to some families in need. as well as getting caught up on some correspondence.  

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