Thursday, March 26, 2015

back to work after a rain day yesterday

We began the day by taking Augula out to the village to check on her field and make sure that everything was growing ok .  On the way we made some stops to give out food bags along with the food this time, we also gave out vitamins .  After lunch we were on our way out to work on the barn, and the guys called. They are almost higher then they can reach, so we stopped and bought the lumber for the second floor.  That way they can use it to make scaffold for now, then take it apart to use for the roof.  

Victor on the tracks he lives down 

Emma with Aibec and his Family 

Julie with Jazgool and her children and her little sister 

Jengish bringing a food bag for Ann, and three other students at the dorm 

the front of the barn

the end wall.  This will be the door into the goat pen

the roof along the front we are thinking about using this fiberglass to let the light in 

this is the plywood for the upstairs floor ,  The man who owns the shop wanted to be in a picture with us 
Jengish loading up the rafters 
Please remember about our need to sell 50 food shared in the next  month ... just $60 for the whole growing season.  buy yours now , and tell us who you would like yours to feed.  

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