Sunday, January 25, 2015

Turn up the heat

I am a little behind on the posting on the blog.   We have had a busy couple of weeks.  Lat weekend we were in Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio  there we shared about the work in Kyrgyzstan and stayed with a family that will be bringing a team to Kyrgyzstan at the end of February.  In Dayton we had breakfast the David and Jayne.  It is always a blessing when we can spend some time with them. This weekend we went to Brantford brought updates from the renovations to the hospital that the fire families are living in. This is the group that sponsored that, as well as help with our general fund support of ourselves and those workers that we support.   Always a good time when we have an opportunity to share the work we do.   

There has been lots of excitement in Kyrgyzstan as well .  Today Bakah and a bunch of her friends celebrated out at the seniors home. This was one of the coolest things this Christmas  As you know, the totals were down a bit this year in the pie challenge.    One of the cuts was to the seniors home.  Technically they are all orphans now, but we felt that they would understand if we focused more on the younger orphans.  They understand the huge blessing that the coal was, but I still felt so bad that we could not do more, or so I thought.  I have been reminded how our assignment is not tied to our finances, this was the mistake I made by cutting out this party.. I looked at the funds and  l though I knew deep down that we needed to celebrate with these seniors,   The party was cut, then a group of young adults, most of whom we have sponsored in the past for school and or medical needs, steeped up, IN A HUGE WAY... they raised the funds for the seniors party themselves.  This is so big, you see again at the moment I was reminded that the finances are tied to the assignment !  This was the message we heard last week in Cincinnati .  Let me repeat it.  "Our assignment is NOT tied to our finances, our finances ARE tied to our assignment ".  How cool is that ,   

Take a look at the pictures Bekah posted today from her day with her friends .. blessing the seniors.  

This always has such an impact when we can give a hand rub or manicure  There is so much that is brought through touch .

One thing that we did learn today is that the coal we bought them is not going to make it through the winter.  Seeing this they have started cutting back, but I don't like to see seniors vulnerable to the cold to do with out .  Bekah tells me that we will likely need about 5 tons to make it though the rest of the  winter.  That's about $500 after delivery.  If any of you would like to help with this please use the donate button on the top right side of this blog.  I would love to get that coal delivered in the next few days so that we can send one of the kids out there to TURN UP THE HEAT

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