Saturday, January 10, 2015

What a day

This morning when I woke up and saw the report from the day in Kyrgyzstan, I must admit that I was a little overwhelmed .  I have known that this day was coming, but when I see it unfold its such a blessing .  Larisa's mom is in the hospital right now , and her car is not working .  Bekah and emma and Jengish stepped up to help tanya pull this all off.  The had parties at the mens home , the dump and the hospital dorms where the fire people are living .  Every one of these stops is an amazing opportunity to reach out to the least of these.  This was more than just the pie challenge , it was an extra special blessing from Possibilities International .    Families that had lost all hope just a short time ago .. families that had lost everything .  What a blessing to be able to make such a difference in their lives.


Every child was given the gift of their dreams, and all the adults were given there own Aigulla blanket.

Next stop was to the dump to visit the families there , and bring them some care packages.  Again these packages were provided by our friends at Possibilities International.  Sam and his sponsors came with us to the dump in May 2008, and have continued to send care packages to them ever since..   The greatest gift is not the food package, but the fact that the have not been forgotten and all these years later , help continues to come to them 

The final stop of the day was to the mens home for a visit while they were in town.  They brought them some gifts as well , including some fresh Banana's and oranges, and chocolate bars .

You may get tired of hearing it, but I will never get tired of saying it.. Thank you everyone that has had a part of this special day.. weather you donation was through Possibilities International, the pie challenge, or the actofkindness general fund that keeps our friends doing what they do ..  Thank you on behalf of Rebekah, Emma, Jengish, Larisa and Tanya, Sergey and Anya,Vlady and Tatyana, Olga, Acel, Oleg and Vera, Kamala,Aigula  and all those they support .

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Vanessa Thomas said...

This is wonderful to see. You are doing a fabulous job! Keep up the good work, you are changing the world one act of kindness at a time.