Friday, January 02, 2015

Bringing in the new year with a bang.

New years was a blast ... literally. Bekah and several of her friends put on a new year's eve bash for some boys from a couple different orphanages. And boy did they have a good time .  They had games and crafts  all planed , the apartment decorated, lots of good food,  And at midnight they went out to watch the fire works . 

Then today , Bekah went shopping again to get ready for the next celebration with the kids from Svetly put orphanage.  

While the boys were with her, Orange was the theme as you can see from the picture below .

Once the boys went home, bekah knew exactly what to do with the leftover fruit... as well she made a big soup with the rest of the food and headed over to the homeless shelter ..what a treat that was for them .  

 I have watched picture buy picture over the last couple months, and can not believe how much better these folks are looking .. who ever would have thought that winter would be a time for wellness for the homeless of Tokmok.  We are just so encouraged by the social services  workers and the mayors office in Tokmok who are making the hurting helpless and lost a priority .. so glad that people like you are involved with this making it possible for us to take an active roll here .. Thank you again

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