Friday, January 09, 2015

exceedingly and abundantly more then we could ask or imagine

As we push past the 1000 mark in those that have celebrated Christmas in Kyrgyzstan , the parties continue .. The next party is a special one.  It is sponsored by Possibilities International.  PI has had an invested interest in Iskra and Larisa and Tanya in particular for many years .  When they heard of the fire in the spring that  destroyed the homes of 18 families, with 64 people in total left homeless, PI was one of the first to respond.  
Together with a Church in Canada , they raised the funds to do some major renovations to an old hospital, making it possible for the families to be inside for the winter.  You might think that is where the storey could end.. but not for PI.. I can not tell you how many times Sam and Ron have said to me "exceedingly and abundantly MORE then you could ask or imagine "  THAT"S WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT..

All of the children were asked by Tanya to make a wish list for Christmas .. a "what if you could have what ever you want list"

..  Tomorrow those kids will have a party and will each be given ALL the items on their list ... remembering that they have nothing left from the fire,  this is going to be such an incredible day for them

 .. as well , every adult will get a brand new Aigulla blanket.  

There will be a party at the new apartments at the hospital, and family and friends frmo the village and kids from the dump will attend.    At this party they will also be given a huge load of school and craft supplies, and the funds for Tanya to operate the homework club in the newly furnished class room as well.   
All the rest of the school year they will have Tanya there to help them with their school work as well as extra activities.

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