Friday, January 31, 2014

Life on the streets Feb 1st - Feb 7th

Life on the streets    Feb 1st - Feb 7th 

This weeks fundraising challenge is not at the top of the list by coincidence , it is here now because these are the most vulnerable.  Many are living in terrible situations RIGHT NOW. 
We have already used all of our resources, and the winter is far from over ,... For many who we help , every single day brings a new challenge of survival ..   

We all know Jengish as a fun loving guy with a strong front that he holds up, but know all to well the side of him that worries so for those living on the streets .. every night he is busy on the phone orchestrating a group of volunteers that work the streets trying to bring food and trying to rescue those in need ..  

So much more needs to be done , and its not that the laborers are few here .. but we just don't have the funds to come close to meeting the needs .. I can't really explain the feeling when the phone rings, Jenish  looks at the number and with a sunken heart he looks up to me and says " Its Armik," or" its Acelbek "... "What should I tell them ?"  .. because he knows that there is so little we can do . 

Then there are the kids who are out of the orphanages .. or young and on the streets .. The kids that Emma works with ..   

This young Lady with Emma  is now safe and in a home and looked after .. she is planing her future, and we have people in place now that are willing to help her .. but she is not alone .. there are so many others like her ..

Almost every day Emma gets a call from a " child " that is on there own, and needs some help.. or some times just another person to talk to ..  These kids need on going help and friendship.  In some cases they need a place to stay.. I really do not care what past situations were .. what they have done to get to this point in their life, but my personal feeling is that NO kid, especially a 19 year old girl should be living on the streets being subjected to this life style  ... I hear and see a lot about child trafficking , and the sex trade, and people questioning " where do we start ..what can we do ?"  .yet we still have these kids around us   wile we are asking where do we start , I can show you where IT starts .. and who is doing anything about it other then coming, making documentaries, and then what ?     , we have workers like Emma , and friends Like Vera with little to no resources on the ground trying to make a difference.    This is where the problem starts.. complacency, and a belief that these kids are not our problem or some how are out of our reach to make a difference  , or some how we convince ourselves that  they have made choices in their life that have brought them to this .. it is always easier if we can blame the victim.    

So here is what we can do ... Make a donation, encourage others to make a donation , and when you hear or see people just talking about the problem ... encourage them to take action ... and donate .  make a donation right now , and by the end of the week one of these girls could have a new HOPE for the future .

Just to meet the immediate needs of those we are working with TODAY..  we need $1160  but the needs are so much greater then that ...

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