Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bubbles and Mandarins everywhere

In the last couple weeks , we have given out over 1000 lbs of tiny little mandarin oranges. they are so sweet, and they are so much better then candy .. every where we go we have been giving them by the handful  and today we sure gave away a lot of handfuls. 

This morning we had Bubbles the clown with us, and boy did we keep him busy .

first stop was the baby orphanage .. it was so cool to see how engaged the kids became .

The men were so amazed with the bubbles .. so many firsts .

it was a great show 

I think this was their favorite part 

I think we put about 15of them in bubbles today 

I think Bubbles might have been a little intimidated , so basically everyone that wanted got inside the bubble .. he was such a blessing to the men today 

At lunch time Shannon read a letter to Lasrisa and Tanya from Bev from a few teams back .. they were so blessed .. tears all around 

After lunch we went to the Chui Orphanage 

the kids loved it 

again here , Bubbles had every one involved 

literally on the edge of their seats 

The best part for me was watching the "cool" kids come around and open up as the show began 

How could you not help but be interested in this 

then again , every show ended with hands and pockets stuffed with oranges

Next stop was the Children s treatment center 

they loved the fire ball

The bubble balancing was a blast for them as well 

I just can't get enough of these smiles 

at this stop , the kids were given hats and scarves as well 

supper with the team was lasagna and salad back at our place 

then we picked up the kids from Bacute orphanage, and headed over to Dayspring for another show .  Even Jengish was put in the bubble .. the cone of silence. 

and again the night finished with oranges for all .

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Karen D said...

Those are some of the most wonderful photos I've ever seen!! So glad so many were able to enjoy the show - now, could you bring Bubbles to Utah????