Friday, January 17, 2014

a quick trip turned into a two day event .

Yesterday Morning we got a ride into Bishkek with Sergey.  Jengishes car is still in the shop following the little misshap, and Vlady has our car since his is not working right now.  
On the way in we stoped to bring Christmas gifts and to check up on two of our kids that have been recently adopted.  It was great to see them and to see them in their new home .  

Once we got to  Bishkek, Jenish Bekah & I had a series of meetings, Julie had Emma help her at a dentist appointment, and Shannin went with Kamala to bring some kids shopping for clothes and new winter boots .   Jenish got a call, one of his boys had a slip and was homeless and drinking again and wanted help.    Jenish found him a place to stay for the night , then in the morning he would be heading to the rehab center in Orlovka, but it was starting to get late and the roads were bad so we were concerned about sending him on that night . 

At 6:00 we all met up at Acel and Talants house for supper.  .. On the way there we realized that it would be to dangerous for us to  travel back as well with the roads so bad .  We made a call to Alla at the guest house and were horrified to find out that she had just sold the home .. We are trying to be happy for her , but we are still disappointment .  Fortunately there is a guest apartment right beside Talents house  so we were able to stay right there .

 Morning started early with Emma and Acel going to the hospital to meet up with Tilik .  He was having his eye operation , and they were there to help out and make sure everything went well.

then at 8:30 Emma called to tell us that one of her older girls from the orphnage who is married was having soem emergency healt isues and needed an emergency operation today , so we met up with them, and Kamalla spent the rest of the day with them at a different hospital .

  We met them at Oboma's cafe  .. I heard it was a great place to take forigners .. it   was nice, but very slow and to expensive to bring a group to . and the coffee was terrible, and served in a tiny little t cup that holds about 4 oz

 So we left there and got a real coffee for the trip home ..  we especialy love this place because they give you a few pieces of toilet paper wrapped around each cup..

On the way home we got a call that Jenishes Homeless guy was picked up and he was safely on his way to Ivonofka .... Jenish said you meen "Orlovka"  to which the reply was " oop.. gota go " and he quickle hung up hahhahaa so still waiting to hear about homeless guy .. hahaha .. Emma is staying in Bishkek over night with Tolik and Kamalla just got home from helping with the young girl .  On the way home we found out that Era has just died and her kids would like to see us so we will have to do that tomorrow .. For those who remember , Era was the lady that was living in the dump and Possibilities International bought her a house back in 2007.  

We also have a few others that we need to touch base with before we head back to Canada in a few days .

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