Sunday, January 19, 2014

down to the last couple days

Nice day today with Isar and his family   We had to stop in to check on Telik , he is doing well and is feeling much more settled today .  
Then we went just down the road for lunch at Isars house .  It was nice to spend a relaxing afternoon with them , and to have a chance to see the new baby before we go. 

Tomorrow we will be all over the place .  Emma and Bekah have school , Jengish will be going to the hospital in Bishkek with Umute, and Sergey will drive us around .. First to the baby hospital to get things started for the operation for the Baby.  then we will stop at Luba's to see her and her brothers and to get them some more clothes , then on to the seniors home to say good buy to our friends there .  then we will stop and see Victor on our way home . as well as a quick meeting with Larisa to discuss the next project at the mens home .  
  These days we find ourselves running out of steam , our just discouraged before the day is over  It is not so much those things we have in our plans but the things that come up through the day .. nothing good comes from a phone call it seams . Praying that we get everything done.. we are running out of days that we can put things off until . 
 Tuesday will be our last day here before we head back to Canada . 

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