Saturday, January 18, 2014

In the land of the living

This morning we were on our way to deliver blankets and food to a family Sergey works with .  Some one from a previous team had sent some money to bless her .  On the way we got a call that Emma was just arriving at the treatment center with Tilik . The had spent last night in Bishkek, and now it was arranged that he would spend the next 10 days here .
kids playing with blocks given to them by  from a few teams back 

Unfortunatly there was some mix up and the nurses were not going to receive him because his documents had been sent back  to the hospital  and were not with him .   With all the confusion , Telic was getting very upset.. and this was upsetting to us .. We have done a lot of work at this hospital and have never asked anything of them , and I try to keep it that way, but finally we had to intervene here and called the director.    Fortunately the issue was resolved right away and it was arranged that Kamala would stay with him at the center while we went to the hospital to get his documents and return them to the center .   My concern was that the caregiver might not be so happy that we went to the director.. Before we left, Jenish had to have a little discussion with her .. I am sure that Tilik will be ok now .. we will be stoping in to see him tomorrow 
 then on to see Auxana and family

We had a nice visit there , brought them blankets , food and some small gifts. 

Then we headed back to Tokmok we got a call from the Baby Hospital .. there was a one year old baby there that was in need and the family was too poor to get it the operation it needed , so the director called us for help.  We told them we would be right over to get the whole story and get a photo of the baby , when they said they would contact the family and have them bring the baby back in for a photo, I told them not to do that and that we would look for sponsors this time with out the picture.    so instead we headed right to the home of Era .    Our friend Era had passed away  and today was the funeral .  The kids were so happy to see us there .  it was a very difficult time for them .  Erra had been beaten and left to die on the street ... not a very peaceful way to go.  The police have no suspects at this time.  

 At this point we were all a little spent and felling down , so we decided to cut the day short and invite Samat and  Aieda for supper .  when we got home I sent Kamalla to the store for cream.. she returned a few minutes latter to tell us that our friend at the store had just died .    She was such a nice lady .. WE are all a little numb .. we made a card , and I walked back to the store with the girls to see her daughter .  we got there and had a little cry together .. I shared how her mother was such a nice lady and was always so good to us and so help full .. she then told me that  her mother would come home and tell them every day when we were in the store and referred to us as her favorite customers.  she even had the gifts we had given her over the years displayed at her house .. Her daughter then told us everything that we had bought from her mother  last night .  We had another little hug and cry then walked back home .. I was questioning how could we have been such a bright spot in her day and not even known it.  Bekah then pointed out that we never missed an occasion and included her every time we bought flowers or little gifts.  .. " I could have gotten discouraged at this point if I had not seen the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living"  the entire time I was walking down to the store , visiting and walking home , my phone was going crazy with people emailing and face-booking  to donate for the operation I shared about a few hours earlier ..    As I walked in the door when we got home, we received the final donation for the little baby...   Goodness  of the Lord in the land of the living .. reminding us of his grace. 

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