Friday, July 19, 2013

Tuition, mitts, and a Baby Orphanage update

With the time that it takes to find sponsors, transfer money through the banks and then be ready on the ground in KG, we always have to be ahead of the game .
   In a month from now , children will be heading back to school .. and that means back to school shopping for some , tuition payments for others and housing costs for others .  We currently have 40 kids asking for help , every where from $50 up to $1200  , the average tuition being about $300.  This is such a life changing opportunity for these kids to attend a good school.    Many children we work with have been traumatized , or have faced the worst you could imagine.  Getting them in the right school can make all the difference for them .   Most of all, for the older kids, an opportunity to go to a good school may be the difference between life on the streets , or a bright future .    we are currently looking for sponsors to help with this ..

Do you remember the feel of a new pair of mitts ? every Christmas I would get a new pair from my grandmother , and I still remember the feeling .
  I can remember back in 2003 bringing mitts for the kids in Central Asia, then in 2008 when we went for the first time as a family, giving out mitts was the first interaction Emma and Bekah had with the orphanage kids

a couple days ago , Emma joined me when we went to pick up this falls mitts for the kids .  This wonderful Babushka knits all year for the children of Kyrgyzstan .  This day we brought her a picture of Emma handing out the mitts last fall.  it is in a frame that was made by the kids in the orphanage ...

some one else thinking ahead is the director of the Baby orphanage in Tokmok.  I shared yesterday about the renovation needs that they would like to have done before winter .  Today I have the official letter requesting help ..  128 000 som or around $2600.  I am thrilled to say that we have had almost 10% of the funds come in on the first day .. looking forward to seeing this underway.

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