Monday, July 15, 2013

Change in plans .

Well we are once again at that place where we are waiting on Gods direction.  The girls have their tickets and are heading back to Kyrgyzstan  on Aug 17, but Julie and I are in a place of indecision .
   We have so much on the go in Kyrgyzstan this fall. we have three teams coming and lots of projects that we are working on.  project funds are coming along nicely , but personal funds are coming up a little shy right now.  We had held off to purchase our tickets , but in the mean time , we have had concerns about Julies father who is in hospital, so we have been questioning if Julie should stay back a few weeks, and come over before the week before the first team , then head back a few weeks early right after the last team .  I would then go back with the girls, and after two months go for a quick trip to Kazakhstan and back so that I could get a second 60 days with the visa free entrance .
   Today we rounded up what we thought would be enough for  the JFK to Bishkek portion of our flights ..  then I went on line for the tickets and was hit with a sticker shock .. up about $800 for the both of us ... that we don't have  .. then the second blow,  There is no way we could get on the same flights as the girls so we would have to fly a different airlines , leave an hour after them and arrive a couple hours after them  .. it kind of defeats the purpose of flying back the same time . then the third blow.... we learned that today  they have closed the Kazakhstan embassy  in Kyrgyzstan, so we no longer have the option of the mid trip visa excursion.. and our visa's will be almost $500 each .
  I decided to see what would happen flight wise if we flew out the beginning of September and back the beginning of November , shaving a couple weeks off either end of the trip... and found that we would save $450  on the flights and $470 on the visa's .. that's a total of   $1840 savings .
  So as I am typing this , I believe God has given us one more nudge  I find out that the price of the original flights has just gone up another $150 each.., then received notification that the shorter duration flight has just dropped by $25 but only has 2 seats left in economy ...

so all that to say .. flights booked

Emma and Bekah  Aug 17  no return date
John and Julie     Sept 8 - Nov 4

I am so thankful for the incredible team we have on the ground in Kyrgyzstan right now.  They will have a little extra work to do , but with Emma as their task master , I am sure things will work out ...


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