Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gearing up for the fall .. we would like some help.

We are preparing for our return to Kyrgyzstan to come along side and encourage the incredible team we have on the ground .    It is timely that our new t-shirts arrived from  .  They have a cool logo on them,   we is greater then i   or as the shirt says  we>i     that sums up the work that we do .. no one person is able to do what we do.   for the work to continue  it has to be a group effort ..  such a good message for us to remember as we move forward into the fall .
Bekah, along with the many kids that she works with in the scholarship program will be starting school in a month, and that is always a busy and stressful time for them all.

     Emma will also be busy,  Many kids go out of the orphanages in the summer, and just simply do not reappear when summer is over .. that is the time when Emma is the busiest , finding them and making sure that they are ok.  sorting out there living, and school  arrangements.  On top of that she will work at getting ready for three teams and the many projects that they will be working on.

    Julie and I will follow a few weeks later just before the first team .. so much on the go .. a baby hospital renovation , a renovation at the baby orphanage , a play ground at the new police community center, a playground in the village , and a hydroponic greenhouse to grow fresh produce all winter for the orphanages and seniors home .

  Then there all the events planed with the people we work with .. I always say that for the most part a project is an excuse to spend time with the people .. and thats my favorite part .   With the teams we plane to take the kids on outings , and spend time with them to show them they are special .    Things like skating , to the hot springs, fishing, soccer in the mountains, and so many other fun events .

Then there is the Humanitarian aid part of what we do ..before winter food drops to the institutions , support packages to the families and students we work with .. Coal to the seniors home and the families in need not to mention winter cloths , boots and school supplies to the kids in the orphanages .

  All these things will get done .. I believe that .  so many of you have come along side in such a great way, and with many more joining in on the teams coming to give first hand help were needed , I am sure it will be a great fall.

   Here is the problem.  It has been 3  years now since we have have had a push for our personal finances. and that one time request alone  carried us for over a year     I have always trusted God to provide, and through the support of our wonderful sponsors, he always has..   It is so hard to come out and ask for our own needs , but to keep doing what we do, we need your help.  

  As we have been waiting and praying, I have realized that most of you lack the ability to read minds, and if we don't say anything how would you know..   James 4:2 says " you do not have because you do not ask "  so this is us asking .
  Please consider how you would be able to help us at this time, to meet the needs of the year to come .

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