Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer fun for EVERYONE...

We work hard to help encourage , and keep their kids out of the orphanages.  What we struggle with is a belief that maybe the orphanages can do a better job at raising the kids .   That the orphanages have more to offer , and we all know that in most cases that is simply not true, yet the belief continues to be a driving factor in parents abandoning the kids .

  We have tried to figure out why this mind set is so prevalent, and as I look closer , maybe I have an answer.    Maybe part of the reason is that as NGO's we pay extra attention to the orphanages.. they are the first to get help with operations, with food drops, and even now the orphanage kids will get first crack at many of the summer camps.   WHY ?  because it is easier  .. easier to find the kids , and easier to find the sponsors... But why stop at easy .

  This is why the work of people like Sergey and Anya, Olga , Jengish, Acel and Talant , and Larissa and Tanya are sooo important .   They don't stop at the orphanage gates.. they go into the streets and look for the least of these .. those that have fallen through the cracks.. those kids that would otherwise be lost and forgotten ... they don't wait until they show up at the orphanage door in the middle of the night , They work with the families to prevent them from abandoning the kids .  

   It is not as "sexy ", people are not as motivated to give, but it is a preemptive strike that will pay HUGE dividends in the future of these at risk kids .

Another person that we support that understands this is Vera .  She does an incredible job reaching out to these families.   Through the summer she runs a summer camp for the kids, and in the winter months a feeding program for those in need .  I just received this update from her.

John, hi. How are you. Today we have a first children's camp ended, he went from 8 to 19 of  July. 
25-30 were  the children every day. Children are very happy, happy. Thank you very much for your help and support in conducting the camp. Tomorrow we go to the Issyk-Kul  for the day with the volunteers who conducted the camp . Bless you for your work. Hello to  family.

meals provided every day for the kids 

They love the ice cream

Daily crafts 

and more food 

kids ready for the open session 
   This was such a great opportunity for these kids  something that never have taken place with out your support... YOUR DONATIONS made this possible . thank you to everyone who shared in this need .

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