Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Help needed at the Tokmok Baby Orphanage

A couple months ago we did some major renovations on the Baby orphanage in Tokmok .   Thanks to some great sponsors . about a dozen windows and half a dozen doors were replaced with new vinyl ones .  In the photo below , we are inspecting the work before making the final payment to the contractor .  

At the time I was thinking how great it would be to be able to fix up the crumbling walls and paint as well.  then there is the inside to think about .  The director said that they did have some funds coming in for that so they would be ok to finish it on their own.  

Well the estimates are in .. To renovate and repair inside and out, will be 248 000 som  ( $5166 ).. the good part is that her money did come in as expected , 120 000 som ( $2500 ).  but to complete this project, the will need another $2666 .    

Sergey is on his way over to personally confirm the figures, but they do sound right from what I saw .  

The director has asked if we would be able to ask our sponsors once again for help with this .    There are almost 100 children that would directly benefit from these repairs.   It would be great if we could help with this .. if you think that you could help, please contact me at, and / or use the donation button on the side of the blog .   as soon as the money is in we will start the work . 

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