Monday, November 22, 2010

So much to be thankful for.

Right now we are somewhere over Kentucky on route to Colorado.  This has been a long awaited visit . The lajoys have been good missions friends of ours for several years.  We have shared a lot of ups and a lot of downs, but through it we have seen God move in incredible ways.  This week is thanks giving.. I time when we are to stop and reflect at the goodness of God over the previous year..  We missed the Canadian thanks giving , but are so blessed that we can celebrate the US thanksgiving with a family that like us, knows what it is to be thankful.
    This is also the week of the Christmas pie Challenge that was started 3 years ago when Cindy on a whim suggested that if her friends donated $1000 for us to bring Christmas to the orphanage, then her boys could throw a pie in her face... That has grown, and this year on Thanksgiving day from Cindy's home we will kick off the 2010 Christmas challange.. $10 ooo to bring Christmas to over 2000 is the target, but we just had some exciting news...
   We have a donor that recognizes the need for not just a one  day celebration, but recognizes the need for on going advocacy for the children that LAMb provides, so her is the deal...  for every $ donated this year, they will match $ for $ to the LAMb fund... What a blessing... all the more reason to be thankful...
   Then after Thanks giving, we will be heading back to Salt Lake City to meet up with the Danners for the weekend... They were one of three families that we hosted in Kyrgyzstan for a month after their children were misplaced in the system ... when we located the kids, they were at our door by the end of the week and stayed until they could bring their kids home with them... This was an incredible time for us... We are in Kyrgyzstan to be embasitors of hope... And we got to see such hope play out as these kids came home form the orphanage to their forever families.. it was life changing for us to be a part of, and we are thankful to the Danners, the Lee's and the Howells for including us in this special time... It will be so awesome to see the kids this weekend ... something else to be thankful for .

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