Sunday, November 14, 2010

One person at a time

There are so many people that are on the fringe of what we do here in Kyrgyzstan.. they are the people that altought they do not work for or with us, we do hire them time to time to drive, and have proven to be trustworthy, and as such, sometimes I get them to do small tasks for us or have them keep an eye on different projects for us..
Bucketbeck and Aieta are one of those couples. Bucket is Talants brother and drives cab here in town... He is a fun guy .. drives the wrong way on one way streets, drives down the sidewalks if necessary and has even been seen driving his little stationwagon threw the isals of the Bazaar.. and when the police see him, they just nod and smile..... this is BucketBeck..
Yesteday I realized the impact we were having on him.. We were driving along, car full and heading to do some more shopping , he had been with us for about 2 hours by this point . He said to us .." will I be spending all my time driving " we thought for a moment hat maybe he wanted to be doing something besides driving us so we asked .."Is there something else he would rather be doing" .... He responded that he wanted his life to be more then just driving, he wanted to be able to help people in need the way that we do. once again I was reminded.. thats how you make a real difference... One person at a time.


Anonymous said...

Praise God !

Hilary Marquis said...

The impact you are having on EVERYONE around you is astounding. God is grinning :)