Friday, June 22, 2007

Up date from Jamie

Well we are at the end of our week. It is friday afternoon and i am writing this on our lunch. The internet was down for the entirte city it seemed for the last few days. Both Rick and I have been sick, something we ate I suppose, Rick was sick all day Thursday and I was sick last night. Today is turning out to be a long day. Teaching has gone well and I believe that I have been used by God this past week. The students are very attentive and they have covered the material well. Today I have them actually preaching as they have to deliver a short ten minute message to the class. They have been quite good so far. This afternoon we will be going to the village to visit the orphanage there, we are going to xxxxxx tomorrow to swimming in the lake, both Rick and I are looking forward to being somewhere cool. It is very, very, very warm here. Looking forward to coming home.
BlessingsPastor Jamie

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