Friday, June 22, 2007


I had a really good laugh today while reading Mala's blog. Here is the part that brought back the flood of memories. For those of you reading this that have been there, I am sure you will find her comments amusing.

"The amusement park is located only mile or so from the orphanage. It is very old and most everything in the small park with in dire need for repair and a good coat of paint. I quickly decided he wouldn't be riding on any of the rides, just for safety sake, never mind that he just survived his first car ride and probably wasn't ready to ride some pre-cold war era roller coaster. We walked around the park and finally just decided to sit on the swings ride, but asked the lone attendant in the park to NOT turn it on."
Here are a few photos of the park. If you remember this is the park that we rented the entire park for $100 and that included the ice cream. We brought the kids from both the Town orphanage and the Village Orphanage there .

Maybe I had been there for to long because it did not seem that bad at the time, but looking back I start to wonder ..... Maybe Mala was right!

This is a view from the top of the Farris wheel.

Here is a white knuckle shot of Pete after he saw this ...

So where do extra bolts come from on the top of a Farris wheel?

I thought we would be safe on this ride.... until we had to get out and push.... oh ya...don't step on both tracks at the same time or it could be a little enlightening

Its much more exciting when the buckles don't work and you simply tie the seat belt on

This ride was a blast... We knew we were the first ones in a while to ride it because the trees had grown in and the first dozen rounds, we "trimmed " the branches back

The ice cream was a big hit

All kidding aside.....

This is what it's all about!


Mala said...

OK, the bolt picture jus confirmed why we didn't venture onto any of the rides! LOL!!! Great post! Thanks for sharing.

Mala said...

John, this post still makes me laugh! I got to show it to my husband today and it totally freaked him out!
His family used to own a traveling carnival company which earned the nickname of "Duct Tape Amusements", so we know scary rides when we see 'em!