Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just how hot is 50 c

Well it is saturday night. The teaching went very well but it was a marathon, I taught for six straight hours each day monday to friday.Yesterday the thermometer stopped at 50 degrees at 1:00 pm Rick thought that it was broken but we realised that it was working when it dropped down to 45 at about 5:00. 35 C know feels downright cold. We went to the village orphanage yesterday and saw how all the renovations had gone. It is a completely different place we took pictures. Today we went to the lake and spent the day at the beach. We took pictures so that you can see how hard we are slaving for Jesus. Tomorrow after church Sergei is taking us the mountain to the waterfall for shashleek, last time we were here the hills were all brown right now they are green, it is very beautiful and we are looking forward to it. We fly out Monday 8:00 Am and arrive in TO at 8:00 pm after 22 hour trip. We are hoping to get bacon and eggs in heathrow as we have missed "normal food"Well it is geting dark got to get back to the apartment

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