Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Update from around the farm

 It has been two weeks since we arrived in Kyrgyzstan .  Here are some updates .  

We got the yurts put up .. Two older shepherds came to help us .. so now rather than having a 4 m and 6 m yurt we have a 6 1/2 m and a 5 m yurt hahahaha. Oh well . 

With the team we were able to get a few odd jobs done, like putting up shelves and coat hooks in the new room 

Julie stopped in Tokmok with some of the kids to visit Aigola in her new apartment.

We had the inlaws over for a nice meal up at the Kashar on the weekend 

Julie and I stole away a half hour for a coffee break while the team was shopping . 

The team brought hoodies for the kids on the farm .. they loved them 

They took some Seniors out shopping at a grocery store and to a restaurant, for some it was a first for both.  

We continue to deliver seeds to the community, as well as vitamins to those in  need  

The temm brought the boys to the bazaar and bought them spring clothes . 

The day up at the hot springs was a big hit as well 

The last day on the farm the team worked over in the work shop. They made some games as well as helped to fix the dryer ..

We are finishing up the corner rooms and getting the new veranda painted 

also a lot of work in the gardens this time of year 

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