Friday, April 28, 2023

Time for an upgrade

 Update .. funds are on their way .  We are so blessed ,,........

Well our car has finally packed it in . It is still running but only in intervals of about 1/2 hour.   It has served us well over the years and many will remember it's few minutes of fame (start watching around 9:06) 

We continued to drive it for another 3 years.  But it's time is up. 

If you have been here you know how rough our roads are , especially the road to the kashar. So we need something with a high suspension, we also more times then not have all 7 seats in use, so we need at least a 7 seater. Having a bit of baggage space as well would be handy for food deliveries and shopping.  We are also looking for something that parts are available here .. 

But here is the problem .. cars are rediculoisly expensive here.  For a good used car that meets our wishes  will be $14000 USD . 

We would be so blessed if any of you would be able to help with this . 

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