Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Tanya would like help with a project.

I got an update from Tanya today .  She has been continuing her moms work at the mens home . This is such a difficult area to work. With the closure to outside during Covid and the many changes of directors, the full wing of the home she had has been reduced to just two rooms ... So now she starts to rebuild . 

"John hello. I want ask help .. There are only two rooms now in the men's home where boys disabilities can draw and spend time, Other rooms took away .. The places are small. And all things lie in the rooms. It's not convenient. I want a balcony Make a closet and we can put all things there and the rooms will be free and moor space and more places for boys....we need for the $300 ... If will be possible help for the men's home .."


If there is anyone who would feel led to help Tanya with her vision for the mens home, that would be wonderful . Just $300 can make that happen .

Just one week today , We will be landing in Kyrgyzstan , we are excited to be getting going on some projects like this . 

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