Sunday, April 02, 2023

The seeds are being delivered .

It is always exciting when the spring garden seeds arrive.. it is even more exciting when you were not expecting to be able to put in a garden this year .. This week over 250 families will start receiving their seeds and a few weeks worth of groceries .  we still need more groceries but had enough money in to purchase the first half of them and hoping that by the time the rest are being delivered we will have more funds . 

I got a call this morning from Aiperie. One of the Afghanistan  refugee camps she has been helping with has had the roads closed for a couple months now.  This morning some of the ladies walked out to her to see if she could help them.  Fortunatly we were able to get money to her right away through Western Union to be able to help them . 
The ladies are doing great on their Camino .. A lot of long hard slugging , but it was encouraging to look across the valley at where they had started earlier that morning . 


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