Thursday, February 16, 2023

Work and play

Its that time of year again when we start the maintenance on the tractor for the next season . Check the fluids and the seals, change the filters and charge up the battery.  When the plowing starts , the tractor can be busy all day every day for weeks as we prep our own gardens and many of the neighbours.  


This year we have a little extra work that we have known has been coming for a few years.  The cultivator has about 40 blades. They need to be sharpened from time to time, but every year there are a few more that are bent or broken right off .. This year we decided it is time to give it an overhaul and replace them all so that it starts working better . 

 The cost of the new blades , oil , filters , coolant and possibly a new battery will be about $400.  We will start on these as the funds become available , hoping to be able to start plowing by March 1st . 

This is such a blessing to so many and makes it so that we can plant so much more .  If you would like to help with this please let me know .  

We had a storage room that we are working on setting up s another guest room so that we can give a little more space to spread out when we have guests .  This week the wiring has been replaced, and the walls are being plastered with a textured finish We will have guests here starting in March so it will be good to get this done .. next up is some in floor heating . 

Soon the seeds will arrive and we will need to pay the other half .. so we are still about $600 to go to cover them , we will need to reach $2500. on the thermometer by then.  I have some seeds that I will bring with me this trip.  We are working on getting the Phytosanitary Export Inspection Certificate so that we can transit through the EU with them . 

Its not all work , Some times we get to stop and play 😀We had a gentleman come out to the farm today and met up with everyone and took them skiing .. this is a first for them and they had a great time  

He then took them out for lunch  after .  What a blessing this day was for them .  Thank you Yura for thinking about them and making this day special 

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