Tuesday, February 07, 2023

A couple Needs, and a Want !

 I was chatting with Vlad today and he told me that the seed supplier had just contacted him to tell him that we would need to get our seed order in this week, so we were discussing how many families to purchase for and if we could give a deposit now and then the rest when we pick them up. He then dropped a bit of a bomb shell.  Our little white truck is broken . 

With all the thousands of lbs of coal we have been delivering and then the barrels of water we have been moving to supply water when the villages lines froze , that along with the crazy cold conditions, we managed to blow the transfer case .. No Idea how much this is going to cost, but we NEED to fix it right away.  We have more coal arriving any day and families waiting .  I will know in a day or two how much this will be. 


Then I got a message from Sibera.  She and her mom have been invited to Germany and will be able to spend some time with her brother Turat and his family who had to leave Ukraine almost a year ago. 

 The family has managed to raise some money towards this trip, but Sibera has asked if we can lend her another $1000 . The immediate answer from me is an easy one .. we simply don't have any money right now, never mind an extra $1000 .  I did however tell her that I would share her need here with you and see if there was anyone who would like to help them with this.   

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