Saturday, February 04, 2023

God has not forgotten them

 I am preparing a message for a seniors group in a couple weeks .. **spoiler alert if you are part of the group.**  I was wondering and thinking what I was going to share about, then I was reminded about James 1:27 .. caring for the widows and the orphans  in their need.  We often share here about the work we do with the orphans, but not as much about the widows, so I figured that would be a good place to start.  I have many photos from over the years , but I thought that maybe it would be interesting to see what Tanya could do will $100 Canadian $$ now.. 

So Today Tanya was able to put together 6 food hampers ( including 500ml of farm honey ) that she delivered to them .. here are some pictures from today .  

Hello John... Thank you very much from all grandmothers. All of them were so happy that they were not forgotten... They cried with joy and were thankful . could not believe.. . seldom who helps them and rarely comes.. no one cares, there are no children.. they hear and see badly. And every day they sit in their house without light alone.. pension is small, there is not enough money for food and medicine., But they live and survive.. five grandmothers are over 90 years old.. I told them that God did not forget them and through believers from Canada brought help, they cried and thanked, were surprised.... This grandmothers said terrible words that they want pass away, but God does not take away.. . My heart was touched when I saw the conditions they were living in. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to bring them joy in their hearts yesterday. And remind that God has not forgotten them. 

This is an example of the impact that just $100 can make in the right hands.

We really are blessed that we can do this , and sure we will be back soon . 

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