Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Urgent need

I just received is letter from a good and trusted friend looking for help in an urgent situation 

Hello Brother John. I'm sorry that I'm only writing to you on business, but I have a request for you. We have a girl in the church, she serves very well in the church, plays the piano and participates in worship.   She studies at the university at Ivanovka station. So, her mother works as a cleaner at school, her father works in a taxi. This year, they failed to raise money to pay for the university. They have accumulated a $1,000 university fee debt that they need to repay, but they don't have the ability. If they don't give it up, they'll kick her out. She asked me to help her pay for the university. I understand that this is not a typical request, and also that this is a large amount. I will look elsewhere, but if you can help in any part, it will be a great help to us. She is actively involved in the ministry, and I would like to help her. So if you can contribute in any way, please let me know.

 We know this university well and have had several kids like Sybera and Azada attend there that we have sponsored in  the past.. This is also the university that Isar's son attends now,  so they know us .. I have sent them a request to please allow her to continue her studies and we will guarantee her payment starting with $200 a month until I have time to find a sponsor .  It would be a real blessing if we could get this covered right away if anyone would like to help with all or part. 

Aiperi has been busy as well working in the Afgan refugee camps . She was working with the kids this week and had some special gifts for them .  She wanted to thank everyone who has been helping her with this . 

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