Saturday, August 21, 2021

Right where he belongs

Every now and then I do a "Where are they now" post .  Today I wanted to share about Yura .. 

We have known Yura for about 15 years now.  He is such a sweet boy .  He was one of those boys that has an infectious smile.   Yura made an impression on every one he met.  

If there was fun to be had, Yura is there.  School was never easy for him , but he persevered and always did his best.   He is one of those kids that we had in mind when the farm began .

Today he is smiling a little bigger because he is our newest boy at the farm .. We are smiling too 

We are working now at getting him settled and finding the right fit for him as far as work is concerned.  We have a few things to take care of first , like we will need to make sure he is set with clothing, shampoo tooth brush etc.. 

Monday he will join the other boys on the farm on a camping trip to the shores of IsyKool , it will give him a chance to build some relationships with Vlad and the other boys .  

We will need to find a monthly sponsorship for him .  The cost to look after a boy on the farm including food , lodging and their salary is $150 a month, we are blessed to report that this was covered in just minutes of this posting  .. There are many other extra expenses that come along all the time like medical, dental, tuition and clothes ,any other funds that come in will go toward these things  .. 

Where is he now ?.... Right where he belongs 😀

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