Thursday, August 12, 2021

Praying for the bees .. BY NAME

This summer has been a very difficult one for the farmers in Kyrgyzstan .  There has been a very bad drought.  Water to the village homes is very intermittent and there has not been water for irrigation in the fields.   Our own hay and grain crops are down about 60% .. some have lost their crops completely. This has lead to exorbitantly high feed prices. 

The drought has hit the honey production hard as well.   For us , a regular year we get about 16 lt per hive which is a little higher then most .  

Our bees are in with an apiary of about 130 other hives .   Here is a break down of this years honey production .  Talbek has 75 hives and got 85 lt ,  Vlady has 40 hives and got 80 lt .. we have 15 hives, and we got 120 lt.   Talbek says that we must be praying for our bees ..BY NAME.. 

Yesterday Vlady sent me photos of three different orphanages that he delivered honey to. 
Back at the farm everyone was busy preparing food hampers. 

We feel blessed that each of the dry goods bags will include a bottle of honey.  

The packages of the dry goods are all set .  Now each day as the harvest from the gardens comes in they will put together produce packages to go with them and then deliver . 

Thank you everyone for your hard work 

 And a special thank you to all of you who donated to make this possible . 

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