Monday, August 23, 2021

Doing what regular people do !

 When I look and see our boys on the farm experiencing things that so many others might take for granted .. fun, but not anything unbelievable , it sure makes me smile .  With out the support of so many of you, these kids would  most likely be homeless,  and the statistics say , in prison, prostitution or dead.  Instead they are enjoying a Late on their way to the beach .  

What is even more cool is that we helped to organize this event, but apart from the newest boys who have not been with us long enough to earn money, they each were able to pay their own way .    

We did send a little extra money to surprise them with a boat ride at the lake on us.  Because that's the type of thing that regular people do . 

I look at the boys here at the back of the boat.  4 of them have only just come to the farm .  I know their past, and what they have had to endure .. they were in our minds when the farm began so many years ago , and now we see those kids aging out of the system and coming to HOME that so many of you created .. ... That's what makes me smile. 

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