Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Starting a sewing business

Vlads   mother has been working many jobs in the bazar, mostly as a sewer.  With all the covid shut downs, she was one of the first to find herself with out work, and even now as things are starting to open up again , the bazars are still on shaky ground, especially with talk of another round of shut downs.  We have an apartment available for her in Tokmok in a nice area that has room in it where she could start her own sewing business working from her home for custom jobs.  Here is a little suit that she recently made for Vlads son Artur.  

So here is the catch .. Vlad is trying to find her a good sewing machine and the materials that she needs to start business.  We are looking for a start up for her of $600.  

between the guest house and the main house on the farm we have a small orchard and flower gardens and part of the chicken run .  We now have the intire big orchard fenced off for the chickens, so we would now like to expand the garden area and possibly make an out door Movie screen on the side of the garage .. so the boys are had at work today reclaiming this land. 

Here is a shot from in the green house .  You can see all the plants ready to move to the fields in a couple weeks as well as some potatoes in bags . in the back half of the green house you can see the spinach that is being harvested now.  

Yesterday , vlad took Marat into the city with him to buy tractor parts, and while there Marat purchased a air sprayer for fine detail air brush work.   We are looking forward to seeing his artistic flare in projects .  Here he is getting instruction on how to use it. 


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