Friday, March 12, 2021


So todays lesson for me is that sometimes the pause is put in our lives for a reason.  A pause gives us time to put things into perspective, a time to organize our thoughts and a time to understand the whole picture .   If you are like us, life just seams to move faster and faster all the time , and in the last year we have been forced into a PAUSE. 

We get updates from the kids on the farm, and last week the computer programs between there and here were not playing nicely with each other and the first draft came through with no spaces between the words. 

HelloeveryonemynameisLyoshaiamanewboyonthefarmandireallyliketobe partofabigthefarmfamily.Iwanttotellyouabitabouthowarethingsonthefarm. Therearealotofthingsgoingonhere.Ihavefunwithboyswhilewearenotworking, wecelebratebirthdays,ChineseNewyear,orweplaygames.SinceIdon'thavea spasificjobyetidoeverythingicanhelpwith,unloadthecoal,packit,packthefood bagsforthefamilies,workinthegreenhouse,helpAigulyainthekitchen,sweep
outdoor.IalsohelpNurlaninthebarnsometimes.Welivefriendlyatthefarm,it's beenawhileformetounderstandwhatthefarmisandwhatdowedohere,butnow iguessigotthepoint.Thefarmisabigfamilythatbringsthegraciousmessageto people.WhenihaveafreetimeichatwithmyfriendsfromredRiverorphanage. Thanksforthiswonderfulopportunitytojointhefarmfamily.lyosha 

If you slow down and read carefully you can understand what is being said but understanding is slow going, and difficult to grasp, I even have to re read sections a few times to be sure .  BUT add a few spaces or pauses, and suddenly I can read it easier , understand it better, and despite all the pauses being added,  I can read to the end much faster..  The pauses did not slow me down, but sped me up and made the message clearer.  

It made me wonder about the work in Kyrgyzstan, Despite the pauses, we are coming through this with a better understanding of the needs before us, and a clearer picture of our roll. It will make us stronger ! We are optimistically  looking forward to things opening up and us being able to return, but with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the need to come behind those living in Kyrgyzstan and supporting them in the work.    

Here is the original Post from Lyosha .. with the spaces added . 

 Hello everyone my name is Lyosha I am a new boy on the farm and I really like to be part of a big the farm family. I want to tell you a bit about how are things on the farm. There are a lot of things going on here. I have fun with boys while we are not working, we celebrate birthdays, Chinese New year, or we play games. Since I don't have a specific job yet i do everything I can help with, unload the coal, pack it, pack the food bags for the families, work in the green house, help Aigulya in the kitchen, sweep outdoor. I also help Nurlan in the barn sometimes. We live friendly at the farm, it's been a while for me to understand what the farm is and what do we do here, but now i guess i got the point. The farm is a big family that brings the gracious message to people. When I have a free time I chat with my friends from red River orphanage. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to join the farm family. lyosha

A couple days ago I got a message from the baby hospital. They are full to capacity with sick kids , The parents care for them at the hospital and bring food for them .  They put the food in the fridge with the name date and room number .. That has worked well for years until the fridge broke and the food spoiled .. We needed to do something quickly, and we did not have time to put that need out there .  Yesterday we delivered a new fridge to them .. We are hoping to get some help with this , It was $250.  Not always easy to find sponsors after the fact, but some times we can't wait.    

Tomorrow we will do some updates about the gardens , and life on the farm.  

Have a great day everyone .. and ask yourself , what is this pause teaching me ?


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