Friday, March 26, 2021

A few updates from around the farm.

A few updates from the farm.  We have a new neighbor across the street from the farm.  There is a very nice family moved in there, and he is a mechanic.  He has agreed to take Marat on as an apprentice , and they are starting with painting cars.  Marat LOVES it and the neighbor thinks Marat is GREAT.  We are so thrilled that this is working out .     

Sibera is doing well.  She has graduated from Law at the international University and is now at school taking further courses and working part time in the legal profession .  Its so nice that we are still able to be in contact with her and touch base every now and then, like this day that we were able to take her out for coffee.  

Today on the farm it was potato planting time. Potatoes are the first crop to go in as soon as the ground can be worked.  S this was the first plowing of the spring for the tractor.  We have special plow attachments as well that go behind the tiller to make either mounds or ditches depending on what we are planting.  

Another spring job is to dig out and clean all the irrigation ditches.  

Back in Canada it is finally warm enough for the green house to be opened up , and we have it in full use.  I have been moving and repotting plants all day.  


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