Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Difficult situation for a couple of our friends.

The kids on the farm have been pretty busy in the green house.  They are getting the seeds ready so they can plant outside in a couple months.  as you can see there is a good crop of spinach that is ready now.  

They have still been doing a lot of food hampers for those in need .  This week they were at a village that had not received any help from us yet, but another organization had contacted up for help. 

We had an "Upset" this week .  While Vera and Oleg where at the orphanage and delivering groceries, someone broke into their home and stole both the humanitarian aid  funds and all their personal funds.  It is hard on the heart when you are doing your best and putting everything on the line, and you get hit with a situation like this.   They see such incredible needs and try so hard to meet them.  This can really deflate your moral if you let it.  Total they lost about $650.  That is enough food for about 50 families.  We were able to send her $200 right away ,  later that day I received the photo of these two boys who almost lost their food ...  There are others that we have not yet replaced.  I would like to do an awareness drive for more food hampers for them.  I would love to return for her what was stolen in Biblical proportions .. I know our God is bigger then this .  Please use the donate button on the top right of the blog if you are able to help at this time.

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