Sunday, September 06, 2020

2020 "the driveway tour "

This week was a time for a little rest for Julie and I along with the boys on the farm.  The boys went to Lake Isykool .  They know of a guest house that has been closed this summer and the owner allowed them to come so it was a nice safe trip for them.  The boys love it at the lake .  Thank you Vlad for moving out to the farm for the time they were away so that you could do the chores and look after the farm. 

A few weeks back Julie and I purchased a real fixer upper camper.

  We fixed everything in it , painted and recovered the cushions, then last week loaded up and took it camping about 15 minutes from our home.  My mom came with us the first two nights, then we had a night alone before turning it over to Emma and Jengish and Aiden for a night .  

For julie and I it was a practice run for the next two weeks .. we were seeing what more we would need and what we could do with out. 

Starting on Thursday, for the next couple weeks we will be hitting the road.  A little more challenging, completely safe distancing from our Van.  we will have everything we need to do driveway visits. our own food, coffee, and even a portable toilet .    We are calling it our "2020 the driveway tour." 

 We will be making about 20 stops in 14 days before returning home.   The camper and the Van are both older and new to us, and I have not had time to get to trust them yet, so we will leave the camper at home for this trip.  

We are looking forward to seeing so many friends and sponsors along the way.  

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Pastor Garry said...

Hello John! Can you squeeze in a stop at our place in Warren? its a half hour past Sturgeon Falls.