Sunday, August 16, 2020

Buy the seeds you plant !

We are preparing to get the kids back into school this fall.  Tuition aside,  We have some added expenses this year.  

Nick and Dustan stopping for a treat while out on deliveries from the farm 
We have two of the boys on the farm that will be going to class by internet until the covid settles down a bit.  So we have decided to set up the living room at house two where Nick stays as a class room for them.  This way Nick will be able to supervise classes.  Someone will be coming   this week to set up a solid internet connection for us so that we will be able to have two virtual classes at the same time.  As well we are going to purchase two laptops that will be suitable for their needs .  The laptops will not be permitted out of the class room and there will be supervised internet and no gaming on them.   

Ruslan harvesting peppers 

Some times we must plant seeds if we expect a harvest.  Its time to plant into the lives of these boys.  The total cost for two laptops and setting up the internet will be about $1000 USD.. or about  $1400 Canadian .. Now here is the cool thing .. I himed and hawed about what to do and how to post this need, I actually started the post yesterday morning , then I got a phone call , some one felt prompted that there was a need on the farm right now ... they had a donation of $700 CDN .. wow half way there before I even push the publish button ..   I will update here when the need has been covered .. Thank you everyone for your consideration .

It has been a month now since our last push for funds for food hampers .  We have not stopped , we continue to provide food to orphanages and families in need .   Now that the produce is in at the farm we are able to cover most of the food directly from the fields , we still have some need for flower and oil and rice to go with it, but the pressure is off a bit. 

On the farm as the produce is coming in off the fields we are thinking ahead to the fall and have started planting tomatoes and cucumbers for in the green house this winter .  If our timing is right we will start harvesting in the end of October when the fields finish up. 

“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson

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