Sunday, September 27, 2020

Coal time

Well it is fast approaching that time of year when we start delivering coal.  This year we have a few definite challenges at hand. The word on the street is that there will be another shut down in Kyrgyzstan in the next couple weeks , so we need to try to get as much coal delivered as we can before that .  People are still in such economic despair that very few will have the means to purchase coal for them selves this year .. it is going to be a long hard winter.  But what could be one of our biggest difficulties, but does not have to be is that teams provide so much of our humanitarian aid budget and we have no teams to help with coal this year .. physically and financially 

On our trip through the north we  focused on the positive things happening and renewed great friendships.  although this was not a fund raising trip, the ministry did receive enough financial blessing that we were able to pull the triger and start ordering coal. 

We will still need another $6000 USD to meet all the expected coal needs .  That number could easily hit $10 000 for the same coal if we wait a couple weeks when demand is high and the road blocks are up. So we need to act now. 
Today we had 23 tons of coal delivered to the farm to be bagged and delivered from there, 23 tons delivered to Tokmok depot where we will bag and deliver in that region, as well as another 23 tons coming tomorrow to Tokmok and Iskra .  We have also ordered 500 bags of fire wood that people can use to get the coal fire started. 

We have been delivering food from the farm for people , but with a shut down coming for an undetermined amount of time, we would like to  do another large food shop for things like flour and rice so that we can be ready . I would expect this to be another $4000. 

So in total we need about $10 000 US .  ($14 000 CDN)  Please share this need with anyone you think would like to help, and if you can help us at this time , please use the link on the top right side of the blog to donate . 

Now here are a couple pictures the make me smile .    This first one is of potatoes.. Nuric was cooking for 15 people , so of course before anyone could tell him otherwise , he had boiled about 50 lbs .. that should be enough.hahaha

The next photo is of Tim and Deb.. I missed them together in the last post , and just found this on my camera now.. It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with them this last week.  


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