Wednesday, April 18, 2018

On Assignment !

We are preparing for a long distance trip to some of the more remote places that we have been supporting.   Our friend Dave and another guest will be arriving in a few weeks and they will be helping us by visiting two orphanages and two rehabilitation centers and several families along the way. 

It is a very long drive through the remote mountain regions, and is difficult for us to make the trip, so Dave has agreed to make the trip for us.   He will be bringing supplies such as Honey, Vitamins nurses uniforms and clothes. As well he will take each of them shopping for food and cleaning supplies that they need.  How much we will be able to deliver will depend on you !    Dave will cover the transportation costs, and we have the honey and vitamins and things from the farm.  What ever donations come in from the blog towards the food drop will be divided up between the stops.   

I have to say how much of a blessing it is for us when teams come.  Not only do they help out and bring needed  resources , what they bring the most is encouragement and it remind us that we are not alone.  That will be the purpose of this trip.  It will be such a blessing for those that will be visited to not just receive the support but have it personally delivered .  

Last fall while visiting  the women's rehab center with the team from Espanola 

Please help us to bless those along the way .  It is our goal to raise $2500 toward this Assignment. 

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