Monday, April 09, 2018

The first couple days of the MN team

We have been having a great time with the team from MN.  Saturday and Sunday were spent in and out of Tokmok at the bazaar to shop for the kids spring clothes and a lunch out with friends,  We also did a lot of shopping for products for us to give out during the Amazin Grace.  Of course we did make it to the animal Bazaar and got a few good deals along the way .  Today Julie and I are at the apartment. We are making lunch for the team as they are out delivering food.    Here are a few photos along the way. 

two of the four new mountain bikes that the team bought the kids on the farm 

one of the sellers at the animal bazaar really wanted  her picture with the team 

great deals on three chickens and an incubator 

packing bags for the Grace
on the starting 

first detour.  getting potatoes to plant for Auxana

 Sammy got some new clothes and a new high chair .. 

Beautiful day up at the Kashar 

The boys are hard at work filling in the foundation ready to put in a patio.

Tony and Caleb checking out their yurt 

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