Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Welcoming Samat and his family to the farm.

As you will all have seen, the farm is continuing to grow, both in size and impact on those around us, Our barns are near capacity, we provide thousands of lbs of meat and produce to the orphanages, institutions and families in need,  the guest house is becoming more and more popular and the support of community projects is increasing.. 

These are all byproducts of the farm's main goal of providing life skills training and social development to those in need of a new start, focusing mainly on kids who have aged out of the orphanages and all government assistance.    To do this we recognise that we have some unique challenges.  This has been very difficult at times for all who work at the farm.  We have been praying some time about this and have had some ideas, and now the timing is right for us to bring on staff a "Child and youth worker"  someone who will have as their main focus working along side our kids keeping them moving in the right direction and helping them to understand and make right choices along the way.  We also were in need of someone that would be assistant to Jengish and Emma and be aware of the workings of the farm and be able to cover for them when they are away or not available. 

Today we are so excited to be able to announce that we have that position filled.  Many of you will know and lots will have met personally our God son Samat and his family.   They will be moving to the farm, and on April 1st Samat will begin working full time with us.  Samat has great management and personal skills.  He is a very hard worker, and already has a good relationship with many on the farm.  They respect him, and he shows great respect for them.  As well Samat  speaks Kyrgyz, Russian, Kazakh, and English. which will be great for Julie and I as well as visiting guests to the farm.  

   Samat in his current position with the TCF , works with  a lot of sporting programs for the less fortunate and struggling families.  Soccer, running and bike riding.  It is his desire to continue to be involved in this, and will be great for our kids on the farm.   

This will be a big step for us at the farm financially.  We know it is such a needed position for the sake of our kids, and can not think of a better person for the job.  If you would like to invest in the kids on the farm along with us,  we are looking for a few monthly sponsors to cover Samat's salary and expenses, as well as a few one time sponsors to help us get there accommodations ready for their move to the farm.   

Please continue to remember in prayer our Key workers ... they are what makes this such a special place. 

Emma and Jengish

They  are the owner operators of the farm.  They are the driving factor behind everything that happens on the farm .  


Samat is the Youth worker responsible for the health and well being of the kids as well as giving direction to them on a daily basis.  He will assist  Jengish with the business of the farm and Emma with the health and well being of the kids  


Aigoola oversees the day to day family operations , including food prep, canning, sewing personal care and other life skills with the kids .  But most importantly, she is the MOM  


Ulukbek is such a hard working man.  He is responsible for the care of the animals on the farm as well as the operation of the green house 


Nick is a full time student, and comes to help on the farm on weekends and holidays.  When he is not in school, working along side the other workers, he is responsible for the gardens .. planting, weeding, irrigating and harvesting.  He also speaks English so does a lot of translating for Julie and I and for visitors to the guest house.  

we are all very excited how things are moving forward, and know that Samat will be a great fit.. please join us in welcoming him to the farm family.  

thank you Samat for excepting this challenge and sharing the burden that will come with it.  YOU WILL BE BLESSED . 


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Brooke Wrightly said...

I think this is a wonderful move for everyone. Hope to visit the farm in the future